APEX has been providing services for Mineral Oils indusrty since 2012 as an international brand.


APEX has its headquarters in Ataşehir and a factory building on a 12.000 m2 area at Tuzla Birlik Organized Industrial Zone and has been meeting domestic and foreign demands with its product group consisting of Automotive Oils, Industrial oils, Process Oils, Greases and Marine Oils. 


APEX reaches across the country thanks to its customer-oriented service and product services, active sales team, dealers and strong organization network.


APEX continuously develops its oil technology in its R&D laboratory based in Istanbul and provides hundreds of superior quality different products with a close follow up in oil sector in the counrty as well as around the world.


APEX adopts a human resources approach that prioritizes employee improvement in order to keep up with developments around the world. Apex continues to maintain its leading position in the sector by closely following up technological changes, making new investments and with a mission of manufacturing high quality products and services in order to foster our country's employment rate and sustainable development.